The Keeper
The Original Gamblers Pocket Safe


THE KEEPER Personal Pocket Safe




The ONLY Gamblers Pocket Safe
that can hold up to $5000

Simply slide your winnings into the KEEPER and you can’t get to it until you get home – dramatically increasing your odds of bringing your winnings home instead of giving it back to the casino!


No need to fold your bills
your winnings slide right in


The Keeper’s patent pending design features a tamper resistant screw and unique dual money block system that does not allow your winnings to be “fished out” with a credit card, paper clip, etc – so your winnings are secure until you get home!



“I love to gamble. I have been consistently going to the casino for years (25 or so) I usually win when I go but I always put most of my winnings back. The first big jackpot I won about 10 years ago did not make it home with me. Needless to say that made the casino very happy. That was BK   (before the keeper) I won a 2500.00 jackpot AK (after the keeper) and it all went home with me then 1 week later I hit a 1700.00 jackpot and all of that money made it home also. I love my KEEPER and will never go to the casino without it. I once drove 45 minutes out of my way to go home and get the KEEPER before going to the casino. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Thanks for inventing it... I have been telling my boyfriend for years that I need a little box I can lock up so I can take my winnings home.” - Laura from Grass Valley



1. With your 1st win at the casino, slide at least your initial investment into The KEEPER’s money slot – now you’re playing on the Casino’s money – not yours!


2. Each time you win, slide at least 50% of your winnings into The KEEPER! It holds up to $5,000 in crisp $100 bills!


3. The KEEPER Personal Pocket Safe is made of lightweight, yet durable plastic and fits into your pocket, Waist/Fanny pack, Boot, Purse, etc – Take it with you anywhere!


4. The KEY to Winning with The KEEPER is to KEEP The KEEPER Screw Key at home or away from the Casino so you can’t get to your winnings – Neither can the Casino!